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Reasons You Need Motorhome Insurance

When you buy a motorhome, you are buying the dream. You can travel wherever you can go, without having to spend the night in a hotel. You have your own hotel on wheels!

That being said, you still need to think about insurance for your dream. You may think that your automobile insurance is enough, but the truth is that you need special motorhome insurance. Land Home Insurance Services in Concord, CA provides this guide on navigating this coverage. 

Why You Need Motorhome Insurance

Your standard automobile insurance doesn’t have enough liability or collision

Your RV is going to cost more to fix and replace than a standard car or truck, which is why you need better insurance for it. 

It also doesn’t cover all of the possessions that you bring along with you on the road

If you are going to be traveling for a few weeks or even months, you are going to fill your RV full of things, such as clothes, electronics, and computers. You will also bring things along that you don’t typically take on vacation, such as your jewelry and sporting goods. 

You may need RV insurance if you have financed it

Just like with homes and automobiles that are financed, you need to have enough insurance to cover any repairs that may need to be made. 

Though you may just want to add your RV to your automobile policy, the truth is that just isn’t enough. It is much more expensive than a typical car and truck, plus it is filled with all of the things that you have to bring along! 

If you want to make sure that your motorhome is protected, you need to talk to a professional. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at Land Home Insurance Services in Concord, CA. 

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