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Insurance Coverage Basics For A New Motorcycle Owner

After purchasing a motorcycle, you may be ready to seek insurance coverage. Learn about motorcycle insurance and the proper steps to take to obtain adequate coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance provides protection against theft and damage. It can also provide financial protection if a motorcycle owner is sued for damages that they are responsible for. Motorcycle insurance is required in many regions. At the very least, a motorcycle owner should have liability coverage. 

Basic Information

One of our insurance agents at Land Home Insurance Services can assist you with obtaining coverage. You will need to furnish some basic information during a consultation.

The agent who assists you will need to know about the manner in which you use your motorcycle. They will require you to outline how often you drive your motorcycle. They will also request information about the regions you operate your motorcycle in. Your personal details and details about the motorcycle should be furnished during the consultation.

Insurance Products

The agent will highlight some insurance products that you can select from. Your budget and your experience operating a motorcycle may influence which insurance products you seek. Each insurance type will cover specific things. The agent who assists you will let you know about the different levels of protection. They will highlight coverage amounts. They will explain the process to follow if you need to file an insurance claim.


It is important to carry proof of insurance when you are operating your motorcycle. Taking a safe operating course will help you avoid accidents when you are actively operating your motorcycle.

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Contact an agent at Land Home Insurance Services if you have any questions about the insurance coverage you have. You can also request to modify your coverage.

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