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Boat Insurance Coverage Choices

If you need boat insurance, we at Land Home Insurance Services near Concord, CA can help you understand your options and ensure you are satisfied with your results.

Agreed Value and Actual Cash Value Policies 

Boat insurance breaks down into two different types, including agreed and actual value policies. They are essentially the same except for how they handle your boat’s value deprecation. The agreed-upon policy will cover your boat based on its value at the time of the policy. This option works best if you have extra money for a policy because your value will not depreciate in the eyes of the policy. 

The actual value is the opposite: you pay less money but lose value on your boat as it ages. This option works best for smaller or low-value ships that wouldn’t cost much to replace. It’s also good if your ship is not likely to fail or go bad on you any time soon. Otherwise, agreed value policies are often the best option, particularly for regular boaters or even professionals. 

Individual Policy Types 

  • Personal Watercraft – Designed for small boats used for fishing or recreation. 
  • Yacht – Boats bigger than 27 feet are called yachts and require different policies. 
  • Sailboat and Dinghy – These policies cover boats that fall under these headings. 
  • PWC Rental – Rental insurance helps protect you if you rent your boat to others. 
  • Boat Clubs – If you belong to a boat club, their policy may protect you. 
  • Professional Insurance – If you fish or charter your boat, you need professional insurance. 

Consider a Policy With Us 

Do you need a boat policy that suits your needs? Then please, call us at Land Home Insurance Services to learn more. We provide policies for many boasters in and around Concord, CA.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

There are many types of insurance available, and what they cover varies greatly. A common type of insurance available is umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is excess liability insurance that may be purchased in your personal capacity or for your business. Land Home Insurance Services serving the area of Concord, CA would like to tell you a little bit more about this type of insurance.

Legal liability can cause enormous financial loss for the person or business responsible. That is why liability coverage is such a vital aspect of almost any policy. However, occasionally you may face an extraordinary situation when your standard liability insurance policies are not enough. That is where umbrella insurance comes in. It is not a primary policy. In the hierarchy of insurances, it sits above or over your standard policies. It is there to supplement these policies once they are exhausted, provided that the conditions are met for it to kick in. 

In your personal capacity, umbrella insurance provides excess liability coverage, above the provisions set out by your primary policies. There are options for home, automobile, or even watercraft insurance.

Most types of commercial liability policies in California can be covered by a commercial umbrella policy. Commercial umbrella insurance may also be used to provide cover for gaps in your basic commercial liability policies, but they usually have a SIR (self-insured retention) amount that is payable before it kicks in. SIR is like a deductible.

It is worthwhile assessing your personal and commercial needs to determine whether you are sufficiently covered for any legal liability judgments. Do not hesitate! If you would like to know more, contact Land Home Insurance Services serving Concord, CA today and speak to them about umbrella insurance. 

Floods Likely to Hit You This Year? Buy a Flood Insurance Policy to Protect Yourself

While homes across the nation typically get assessed for flood risk every year, there’s still a potential that areas with low risk could have a flood out of nowhere. And suppose your site is likely to have a flood due to circumstances like unexpectedly heavy rains. In that case, it is essential to talk to us at Land Home Insurance Services serving Concord, CA to learn more about your potential coverage options. 

Why You Need a Flood Insurance Policy 

Flood insurance is a unique extra home coverage option that is separate from your standard policy. It provides coverage for things like natural floods from rainstorms and will help to pay for repairs to your home, relocation costs, renovations of various parts of a home, and even total construction. 

In this way, an excellent policy can help ensure that you don’t have to go bankrupt trying to rebuild your home or even end up homeless. And if you live in an area where your flood risk has been assessed as being low, there’s a good chance you could get a reasonable policy at a more than fair rate. 

But what areas are at a higher risk of floods this year? Many spots throughout California experience mudslides and other floods when the rainy season pops up. If you’re getting a higher-than-average rainfall in the state, and you’re near a river or lake, it is crucial to consider a policy seriously. 

What We Can Do to Help 

If you believe that Concord, CA and the surrounding area have a higher risk of flood this year and you want to protect yourself, please reach out to us at Land Home Insurance Services today to learn more. Then, we’ll sit down with you and find a policy option that makes the most sense for your needs. 

Who needs to have renters insurance in California?

The Concord, CA area can be a great place for someone to move to. This part of California offers many amenities including good job opportunities and access to local recreational options. As you are looking for a place to rent here, you should ensure that you get the right insurance. There are several situations when someone will need to have renters insurance here.

When Required by Lease

Many landlords throughout the Concord area will require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance due to the liability protection that it provides the policyholders. Depending on the situation, they may require that you obtain a plan that is paid for in full and covers the entire lease term. You may need to provide evidence of coverage before moving into your new home. 

When Trying to Protect Assets

You should also get a renter’s insurance plan when you want to protect your assets. Renters are going to bring a variety of personal items with them, which can include clothing, furniture, kitchenware, and electronics. It is important to know these are covered if you are a victim of theft or some form of damage. With renter’s insurance, you will have the protection in place that you need to cover your belongings.

If you are going to rent a home in the Concord, CA area, it is important to recognize the different risks that come with entering into a lease and living in a rented home. A way that you can mitigate some of these risks is by getting a proper renter’s insurance plan. If you are looking for new coverage here, Land Home Insurance Services can help you build an appropriate plan. Land Home Insurance Services will help you assess your different needs and options and choose a plan that will provide the right coverage. 

What is included with my motor home insurance plan in Concord?

Those looking for a fun way to see all that the Concord, CA area has to offer should consider investing in a motorhome. These assets are ideal as they will give you a safe way to travel around and a place to sleep and relax when not on the road. Along with your motorhome purchase, you also need to get insurance. This coverage includes a few forms of insurance. 

Protection for Asset

One type of coverage you will receive with your motorhome insurance plan is protection for your asset. If you choose to purchase a motorhome, you will be making a big investment that you will want to have last for a long time. With the right insurance in place, you will have the support you need to repair or replace it if the home is damaged or even stolen. 

Liability Protection

When you own any motorhome, it is important that you have the right liability protection in place. Those who own motorhomes will take on a unique mix of liability risks, ultimately combining the risks taken on by both vehicle and property owners. Fortunately, these risks can be protected against and mitigated if you choose to get a full insurance plan for your motorhome. 

Getting proper insurance for your motorhome in the Concord, CA area should always be considered a top priority. As there are many important factors to consider when looking for motorhome insurance, calling Land Home Insurance Services could be a great option. The team of professionals with Land Home Insurance Services knows the value that comes with this insurance coverage. They can provide you with any support needed to build a plant that provides you with the right coverage. 

Is motorcycle insurance in California necessary?

When you live in the Concord, CA area, having a motorcycle can be a great transportation option. These are fun to drive, but they are also efficient and practical in this climate. Along with your motorcycle, you will also need to get a motorcycle insurance plan. This type of coverage continues to be necessary for owners all over the Concord area. 

Coverage is a Legal Obligation

You will need to have a motorcycle insurance plan because it is a legal obligation. If you want to operate any vehicle in California, you need to carry liability insurance. If you do not, you will not have the capacity to cover damages that you cause. Additionally, you will violate the law and could face a few different forms of penalization.

Coverage Protects Your Asset

It would be best if you also thought about getting motorcycle insurance because it will protect your asset. If you choose to invest in a motorcycle, your motorcycle insurance plan will provide the coverage needed to protect against the risks of theft or accident damage. This can help ensure that you can enjoy the motorcycle for years to come and will allow you to stay in compliance with a motorcycle loan. 

Motorcycle owners in the Concord, CA area will clearly benefit if they get insurance for their vehicles. If you want to get one of these insurance plans here, calling the team with Land Home Insurance Services is a great decision. The insurance professionals with Land Home Insurance Services know the value that comes with this type of coverage. They can offer you the support needed to understand your options and build a plan that is right for your situation. 

When should I get RV insurance in Concord?

When you are a resident of the Concord, CA area and would like to explore the rest of the state, investing in an RV can be a great option and way to get around the state. Those that would like to get this asset also need to get a quality insurance plan for it. There are several scenarios in particular when having this protection will be beneficial. 

When Taking Out a Loan

A lot of RV owners in this area will take out financing to complete the purchase. Along with any loan, you will have an agreement that needs to be signed. Usually, this agreement will include some insurance provisions that will require that you have both collision and comprehensive insurance. If you do not have this coverage, you will violate your loan agreement.

When Driving on Public Roads

You should also get an RV insurance plan if you want to drive the RV on a public road. All motorists in the state need to have proper insurance coverage at all times. If you do not have insurance that provides you with liability protection at a minimum, you will violate the law. This could prove to be quite problematic and may result in fines or other forms of penalization. 

Those who want to get an RV insurance plan in the Concord, CA area should speak with a professional to ensure they choose the right insurance. Those that would like to pursue a plan in this area should call Land Home Insurance Services to learn more about this coverage option. If you call Land Home Insurance Services, you can get personalized guidance to help you choose the right plan for your situation. Contact our office for a quote.

Is Boat Insurance Required By Law In California?

Auto insurance is pretty much the only insurance you’ll ever be required by law to carry in Concord, CA, or anywhere else in the state. When we head out in the car, we pose a risk to other drivers, and it’s only fair that we should be able to cover that risk.

You’re not required by law to insure your home, your business, or your boat.

But, while you may not be required by law to carry boat insurance, it can be challenging to own a boat without buying insurance. Even when we take away the simple fact that boats are expensive and foolish to leave uninsured, you may be required by your lender to insure your boat if you’re still making payments on it. Even the very successful among us might not be able to buy a brand new speedboat in a single cash payment.

Marina owners can also require that you carry insurance. You don’t pose much danger to other boaters out on the ocean, there’s plenty of space out there, and it’s hard to run into another boat. But when you pull it in to the docks, that’s another story, and a careless boater can do thousands of dollars of damage simply by pulling into the marina a little too quickly.

So while you are not required by law to insure your boat, you may be required to insure your boat, nonetheless.

If you have any questions about boat insurance, or if you’re looking to get covered in Concord, CA, get in touch with Land Home Insurance Services. At Land Home Insurance Services, you’re going to get a good deal on a great boat insurance policy.

Who needs to get umbrella insurance in California?

Like those in other areas, people who live in the Concord, CA area need to have a good personal insurance plan in place. One important form of insurance coverage that people should get here is umbrella insurance. This is a unique form of protection that offers personal liability. There are several situations when someone here should get this protection. 

People That Want to Have More Liability Coverage

A common scenario when people want to have umbrella insurance is when they want to receive more liability coverage. People that are all over the state of California could find that their insurance coverage through home or auto policies is helpful but may not be enough to cover damages caused by a major accident. To ensure that you have the coverage you need, you should get an umbrella insurance policy as it will provide coverage on top of the other policies.

People with Unique Liability Risks

Most people that are in this area will have liability coverage through their existing insurance plan. However, some people have unique liability risks that make them more prone to liability claims outside of their base policies. If you get an umbrella insurance plan, the coverage will be vast and protect against situations that are harder to predict and insure against. This can offer comfort to anyone that gets this coverage. 

There are a lot of situations when someone would benefit by getting umbrella coverage in Concord, CA. If you are going to shop for this insurance, you should call Land Home Insurance Services. The insurance professionals with Land Home Insurance Services know the value that this coverage provides. We can offer you great support when it comes to choosing an umbrella policy.

What does flood insurance cover

Almost any day of the week, you can listen to the news and hear about flooding somewhere in the United States. Rising seas have made other natural disasters more likely to result in extensive flood damage. Even as little as an inch of water in your home can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Protecting yourself makes all the difference. At Land Home Insurance Services in Concord, CA, we are an independent insurance agency that offers our customers a choice of top carriers and insurance products. 

Flood insurance is a product of FEMA (Federal Emergency Maintenance Agency), which is issued through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) directly or through one of their approved carriers. It is designed to lessen the impact of flooding on homeowners, renters, and businesses. The fact remains that floods are not covered with homeowners, renters, commercial insurance, and insurance needed to provide protection. 

Flood insurance is sold in two parts: building and contents. You can purchase both or just one. The maximum coverage on a building is $250,000, and the contents are $100,000. Like most insurance, there are exclusions. To purchase one of these policies, you must live in one of the 23,000 communities that are part of NFIP. 

The building policy covers the structure of your home and the foundation. It also covers the major systems needed in your home’s such as electrical and plumbing. Your furnace, water heater, and central air conditioning are included. Additionally, anything that is a permanent part of your home, such as flooring, kitchen cabinets, built-in appliances, and bookcases.

Content insurance covers your furniture, washer and dryer, small kitchen appliances, electronics, and clothing. All the things that make your house a home. 

Contact Land Home Insurance Services in Concord, CA to discuss your flood insurance needs and any other insurance needs you may have. 

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