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What is Umbrella Insurance?

There are many types of insurance available, and what they cover varies greatly. A common type of insurance available is umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is excess liability insurance that may be purchased in your personal capacity or for your business. Land Home Insurance Services serving the area of Concord, CA would like to tell you a little bit more about this type of insurance.

Legal liability can cause enormous financial loss for the person or business responsible. That is why liability coverage is such a vital aspect of almost any policy. However, occasionally you may face an extraordinary situation when your standard liability insurance policies are not enough. That is where umbrella insurance comes in. It is not a primary policy. In the hierarchy of insurances, it sits above or over your standard policies. It is there to supplement these policies once they are exhausted, provided that the conditions are met for it to kick in. 

In your personal capacity, umbrella insurance provides excess liability coverage, above the provisions set out by your primary policies. There are options for home, automobile, or even watercraft insurance.

Most types of commercial liability policies in California can be covered by a commercial umbrella policy. Commercial umbrella insurance may also be used to provide cover for gaps in your basic commercial liability policies, but they usually have a SIR (self-insured retention) amount that is payable before it kicks in. SIR is like a deductible.

It is worthwhile assessing your personal and commercial needs to determine whether you are sufficiently covered for any legal liability judgments. Do not hesitate! If you would like to know more, contact Land Home Insurance Services serving Concord, CA today and speak to them about umbrella insurance. 

Who needs to get umbrella insurance in California?

Like those in other areas, people who live in the Concord, CA area need to have a good personal insurance plan in place. One important form of insurance coverage that people should get here is umbrella insurance. This is a unique form of protection that offers personal liability. There are several situations when someone here should get this protection. 

People That Want to Have More Liability Coverage

A common scenario when people want to have umbrella insurance is when they want to receive more liability coverage. People that are all over the state of California could find that their insurance coverage through home or auto policies is helpful but may not be enough to cover damages caused by a major accident. To ensure that you have the coverage you need, you should get an umbrella insurance policy as it will provide coverage on top of the other policies.

People with Unique Liability Risks

Most people that are in this area will have liability coverage through their existing insurance plan. However, some people have unique liability risks that make them more prone to liability claims outside of their base policies. If you get an umbrella insurance plan, the coverage will be vast and protect against situations that are harder to predict and insure against. This can offer comfort to anyone that gets this coverage. 

There are a lot of situations when someone would benefit by getting umbrella coverage in Concord, CA. If you are going to shop for this insurance, you should call Land Home Insurance Services. The insurance professionals with Land Home Insurance Services know the value that this coverage provides. We can offer you great support when it comes to choosing an umbrella policy.

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