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How To File A Claim For Lost Or Damaged Items

Your renters’ insurance policy protects your possessions from loss or damage. After you have acquired a new policy, be aware of what to do in the event that any of your items become lost or damaged. Consult us at Land Home Insurance Services and we can help you file a claim.


Familiarize yourself with the type of cover you have purchased. Your coverage amount will be specified in your policy. The policy will outline which items have been insured.

If you purchase or sell items during your tenancy, you will need to update your policy. Your coverage will pay for repairs and replacements. Any items that are not covered by your policy will be your responsibility to repair or replace.


Documentation is needed for any insurance claim that you intend to file while you are renting a property. The documentation should outline what occurred. It should also indicate what happened to the items that you are filing on your insurance claim.

If a criminal act results in you losing some of your items, you will need to file a police report. Once the report has been filed, you can request a copy of the report. This copy can be submitted with the other paperwork needed to file your insurance claim. 

Claims Process

An insurance adjuster will investigate the insurance claim. They may take pictures of items that have become damaged inside your rental unit. The claims process will be handled by an insurance agent. You will be updated about the status of your case.

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Land Home Insurance Services can assist you with any renter’s insurance questions or concerns that you have. We are happy to help. 

The Importance of Renters Insurance

The agents at Land Home Insurance Services want you to understand the importance of having renter’s insurance in place. If you are a tenant and think that your landlord’s property insurance policy will cover your personal belongings if they are damaged or destroyed, you need to think again. A landlord’s property insurance policy will not cover your things since it is designed to only cover the structure you live in.

The Importance of Renters Insurance

It is imperative that all tenants have a renters insurance policy in place. This is due to the fact that the property owner who owns the house, apartment, mobile home, or other structure that you live in is not responsible for covering the contents of your home. This means if a fire breaks out, for example, and all of your clothing, household items, appliances, furniture, and more are damaged or destroyed, you will simply be left with nothing. This is the reason that renters insurance is so very important. It could not only help you replace any items that are lost due to a fire, a natural disaster, or an act of vandalism, but it can also help you have a place to stay until you can move back to your original home or find a new one.

A renters insurance policy will also assist you if someone is injured while visiting you or if a burglary occurs at your residence.

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It is so important to be safe than sorry when it comes to all of the things you have worked so hard to have. This means you need to have a renters insurance policy in place and to do that, you need to call the agents at Land Home Insurance Services today to get your policy started.

Does Renters Insurance Cover My Belongings If They’re Stolen From My Car?

A large percentage of people renting homes and living spaces in Concord, CA, have renters insurance. Many of the residents with renters insurance assume that their policy overs their belongings if they are stolen from their cars. This might be true or not true for you as a renters insurance policy, depending on the theft situation. Here’s why:

What Was Stolen? 

Generally, your renters insurance will cover items stolen from your personal items stolen from your car parked at your home. For instance, if you have left your smartphone, your personal laptop, and your company’s hard drive in your vehicle and it was broken into, and all of the items are stolen. Your renters insurance will compensate you for your smartphone and personal laptop, but not for the company’s hard disk. If your car stereo is also stolen during the incident, your renters policy won’t compensate you for it. The policy will not also take of the damage done to your car when the perpetrators broke into it to steal your items. It will not also cover your vehicle if it’s stolen with your personal items in the theft.

This is why at Land Home Insurance Services, we advise that you get a separate car insurance policy even if you have renters insurance.

Where Was the Car?

Renters insurance will typically cover all your personal belongings stolen from your car, whether the vehicle is at home, across the country, or on another continent. Therefore, if you are traveling the world in your car, you can expect your renters policy to protect all your personal belongings if your car is broken into. However, there is an exception to this rule; your renters policy won’t cover your personal belongings stolen from your vehicle in a war zone.

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Are you a Concord, CA, resident looking for renters or auto insurance? At Land Home Insurance Services, we have the best renters and auto insurance deals. Call us today.

Who needs to have renters insurance in California?

The Concord, CA area can be a great place for someone to move to. This part of California offers many amenities including good job opportunities and access to local recreational options. As you are looking for a place to rent here, you should ensure that you get the right insurance. There are several situations when someone will need to have renters insurance here.

When Required by Lease

Many landlords throughout the Concord area will require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance due to the liability protection that it provides the policyholders. Depending on the situation, they may require that you obtain a plan that is paid for in full and covers the entire lease term. You may need to provide evidence of coverage before moving into your new home. 

When Trying to Protect Assets

You should also get a renter’s insurance plan when you want to protect your assets. Renters are going to bring a variety of personal items with them, which can include clothing, furniture, kitchenware, and electronics. It is important to know these are covered if you are a victim of theft or some form of damage. With renter’s insurance, you will have the protection in place that you need to cover your belongings.

If you are going to rent a home in the Concord, CA area, it is important to recognize the different risks that come with entering into a lease and living in a rented home. A way that you can mitigate some of these risks is by getting a proper renter’s insurance plan. If you are looking for new coverage here, Land Home Insurance Services can help you build an appropriate plan. Land Home Insurance Services will help you assess your different needs and options and choose a plan that will provide the right coverage. 

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