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The Top 3 Things Covered by Motorcycle Insurance

Most states within the US require everyone owning a motorcycle to have motorcycle insurance. But what exactly is it good for? A lack of understanding about exactly what your policy covers can lead you to unnecessary hassle later on, plus confusion about whether or not the coverage you have is what’s right for you.

Here are the three main things that are generally covered:

Accidents and Other Damage

Should your bike be damaged in an accident, a natural disaster, or even theft, your full coverage insurance policy will more than likely cover the cost of repairs minus your deductible. These types of policies are typically required by law and can be worth their weight in gold should your motorcycle receive serious damage.

Injuries to You or Your Passenger

Optional in some states and required in others, policies that cover the cost of medical bills for you or your passenger are invaluable. Should you be involved in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, these policies will cover the associated medical bills up to a certain limit, similar to health insurance.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

It’s no secret that not every driver on the road is a responsible one. If another driver hits and injures you or your bike but does not have the proper insurance, it’s possible that your policy will pick up where theirs left off. This means you will never be stuck holding the bag for an accident that was not your fault.

Land Home Insurance Services is Here to Help!

Ensuring that you have the coverage you need isn’t hard with help from Land Home Insurance Services. Our team of agents can get you set up with a personalized policy at a great price. Give us a call today to get started!

On the Road Again: Why RV Insurance is Essential for Travelers

It’s that time of year again — the roads are busier, campsites are filling up, and people all over the country are taking their RVs on the road to explore everything this great nation has to offer. Before setting out on your RV adventure, there is one important thing you must remember: RV insurance. 

The Basics of RV Insurance

RV insurance is designed to protect your recreational vehicle, its passengers, and the people you may come into contact with while on the road. This protection comes in several forms, such as liability coverage in case you damage someone else’s property or personal injury protection if you’re at fault for an accident.

Benefits of RV Insurance

RV insurance can provide travelers peace of mind, especially in an accident or other unexpected incident. It also provides coverage for a variety of scenarios that wouldn’t be covered under traditional auto insurance policies, such as medical payments if you’re injured while traveling and roadside assistance if your RV breaks down on the side of the road.

Common Claims and How RV Insurance Can Help

As with any vehicle, accidents and theft can happen on the road. RV insurance can help cover the costs of repairs or replacements if your RV is damaged or stolen. Additionally, it can provide coverage for valuable items lost or stolen from your RV while you’re on the move.

Enjoying the Open Road with Peace of Mind

When you set out on your RV adventure, plan ahead and ensure you have the right coverage to protect your vehicle and its passengers. With the right RV insurance policy, you can explore the open road with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of an unexpected incident.

Reach Out To Us

We at Land Home Insurance Services understand the importance of protecting your recreational vehicle and its passengers and provide custom RV insurance plans to meet all types of travelers’ needs. Get in touch with us at Land Home Insurance Services today to discuss which insurance policy is right for your RV adventure!

Does Boat Insurance Cover a Rip in My Sail?

If you own a sailboat, you know that maintenance and repairs can be expensive. Something always needs to be fixed or replaced, from the hull to the hardware. But what happens when you have an unexpected accident that damages your sail?

What is Covered by Boat Insurance? 

Boat insurance policies typically cover damage and theft of property, as well as liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur while on the water. Most boat insurance policies do not cover damage caused by wear and tear over time or extreme weather conditions—so if your sail becomes ripped due to these factors, you may not be covered.

Does Boat Insurance Cover a Rip in My Sail? 

In most cases, yes—boat insurance can cover a rip in your sail if it is caused by an unexpected event (like an accident). This means that if another boat collides with yours and causes your sail to rip, it should be covered under your policy. However, it likely won’t be covered if the rip is caused by normal wear-and-tear over time or extreme weather conditions (like high winds). It’s best to check with your insurer before filing a claim, just in case.  

Ensure You Have The Right Coverage

If you own a sailboat, ensure you have the right insurance coverage from Land Home Insurance Services. We also offer comprehensive coverage for motorboats and other recreational vehicles too! Our agents will work with you to find the right policy for your needs and budget so that you can protect yourself financially in case of an unexpected event like an accidental rip in your sail. 

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Contact Land Home Insurance Services today for more information about how we can help protect your investment with comprehensive boat insurance coverage!

Three common questions about umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is an important type of coverage to have if you want to protect your assets. You can get umbrella insurance from Land Home Insurance Services. 

If you are in the market for umbrella insurance, you might have some questions about this type of insurance.

The following are three common questions about umbrella insurance:

What types of expenses will umbrella insurance cover?

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that covers liability expenses. While this type of insurance will cover costs for you if you face a lawsuit, umbrella insurance does not cover damages to your personal belongings.

Umbrella insurance can cover expenses you face due to a car accident, for example. Umbrella insurance can also cover you for injuries that guests in your home experience. 

How do you qualify for an umbrella insurance policy?

You need to have another type of insurance policy to qualify for an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella insurance is designed to add to the coverage you already get from your car insurance or home insurance policy. 

You need to make sure that you have a home or auto insurance policy that meets certain maximum coverage requirements in order to qualify for an umbrella insurance policy.  

How much umbrella insurance should you buy?

In general, it is recommended that policyholders carry enough umbrella insurance coverage to cover the full value of their net worth. This way, all of a consumer’s assets are protected. 

Give Us A Call

Let us help you meet your umbrella insurance needs at Land Home Insurance Services. If you’d like to explore our umbrella insurance offerings, give us a call today. Get in touch with us to get a quote on an umbrella insurance policy. 

Do I need RV insurance if I only drive my RV once a year?

Your RV or recreational vehicle is designed to be driven, much like a car. Most states require anyone who operates a vehicle to carry liability insurance. An RV is a home on wheels. It’s actually a vehicle. Our Land Home Insurance Services team is committed to helping RV owners understand the law and the benefits of RV insurance. 

What is RV Insurance?

RV insurance, like car insurance, provides liability protection and more for people who operate RVs. If you are found at fault for an accident or some other situation involving your RV, liability coverage will pay for the medical expenses of those injured and any property or physical damage to another vehicle. Liability coverage also provides legal protection as well. RV insurance also provides financial compensation for the repair or replacement of your vehicle as well as roadside help.

Do I need RV insurance if I only drive my RV once a year?

Regardless of how frequently or infrequently you drive your RV, you are still required to carry liability RV insurance. You must carry RV insurance that meets the state-specified minimum requirements. Most states require anyone who operates an RV to carry RV insurance to legally operate an RV. Most states require anyone who operates an RV to carry property damage liability and bodily injury RV insurance. This coverage will provide financial compensation for any damage you cause to other people’s property, vehicles, etc, as well as any injuries you cause while operating your RV.

Contact Us Today

If you have questions regarding what’s legally required to operate your RV, call us at Land Home Insurance Services. We can help you explore state minimum requirements as well as the benefits of RV insurance. 

Mandated Motorcycle Coverage in California

If you have resided in another US state, you might celebrate the low minimum required insurance for your motorcycle in California. Land Home Insurance Services wants you to understand how the state’s low insurance mandate can hurt you though.

Mandated Motorcycle Insurance

In California, you only need to carry property damage and bodily injury coverage to comply with the law. Your bike policy must at least provide the following coverage:

  • $5,000 for damage to personal property,
  • $15,000 for bodily injury to or death of one person involved in an accident you cause,
  • $30,000 for bodily injury to or death of all individuals involved in an accident you cause.

While that makes your insurance rather reasonable, it doesn’t fully cover you. For example, although your bodily injury coverage pays for $15,000 of medical bills for an individual since the typical night’s stay in a hospital costs about $8,000, just one day and night of medical treatment could exhaust your coverage. The law says that if police or the court finds you at fault for the accident, then you incur the liability for all medical and property damage.

If the person you hit with your bike required $50,000 of medical treatment, your insurance covers $15,000 of it. You pay the rest out of pocket. The court can garnish your paycheck and some government payments to pay this debt. So, carrying a reasonable amount of insurance offers a better solution.

Important Optional Insurance

The state-required coverage also does not cover your motorcycle or trike. If you wipe out a patch of black ice and tear up your bike, you need collision coverage for your insurance to pay for the damages. Otherwise, getting your bike fixed comes out of your pocket.

Add comprehensive coverage to protect your bike from California’s earthquakes, hail damage, and other natural hazards. If you ride out of state, your coverage goes with you, so your bike receives protection from Colorado wildfires, Oklahoma tornadoes, North Dakota snowstorms, and much more.

To protect your own health, choose personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. It pays for your medical bills regardless of who caused the accident. If you get hurt because a deer ran out in front of your trike, your PIP covers your medical bills.

Get Coverage For Your Motorcycle Today

Contact our team of insurance experts at Land Home Insurance Services to purchase full coverage motorcycle insurance. We can help you benefit through better coverage than the state minimums.

How boat owners can benefit from increased liability protection

Land Home Insurance Services can help you find the comprehensive boat policy that’s right for your needs. If you have questions about boat or any other type of insurance, give us a call today.

Is it time to increase the liability protection provided by your boat policy?

There is some risk that comes with owning and operating a boat. When injuries occur, there can be liability issues and substantial damages. Liability protection is very important for boat owners. If someone is injured while a passenger is on your boat, the liability risk can be extreme. Without adequate protection, the owners themselves could have to bear the brunt of the liability exposure. No one wants to have to deal with financial liability when they can be protected by a comprehensive policy.

Upgrading your current boat policy to one that provides comprehensive liability protection is a good idea. This enhanced protection can help protect you from losses to passengers and property in a situation where your vessel is involved in a covered event. Increased medical expense coverage along with increased collision coverage and property damage protection can also be included in an upgraded comprehensive policy. 

Knowing that you have increased liability protection means that you can enjoy your boat with the peace of mind that comes with having the right protection in place. Waiting until there is a situation where you need enhanced protection is not necessary. Upgrade your boat insurance today.

Contact our office today!

Owning a boat comes with some liability risks. Let the team at Land Home Insurance Services help you find the right boat insurance policy for your unique needs. Give our office a call today to find out more about the policy options that are available in our area. 

I Have a Creative Home-based Business. Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the national residential mortgage lender Land Home Financial Services, Inc., our company, Land Home Insurance Services, serves 14 midwest and western states. We provide a full range of insurance types, including umbrella policies. Umbrella insurance — also called personal liability insurance –protects the excess value of your assets, such as your home and belongings, stocks, bonds, savings, and future income, against lawsuits. 

Commercial umbrella insurance, on the other hand, protects your commercial assets, such as buildings and equipment, inventory, reputation, and brand.

Consult with us today for an assessment of your umbrella insurance needs.

Why Would I Need Umbrella Insurance for My Home-based Business?

If you do product reviews, post photos or music, make art pieces, clothing, accessories, jewelry, or other items requiring creativity, someone could accuse you of stealing their ideas or slandering or libeling their business. The resulting lawsuit could cripple you financially. In addition, awards or settlements above and beyond your personal or commercial liability limits could result in you surrendering your home or other assets to pay your fines, especially punitive damages.

Doesn’t My LLC Protect My Assets?

An LLC creates a legal entity in its own right, but in some situations, the owner can still find themselves personally liable. Situations include:

  • False Imprisonment on suspicion of shoplifting from your home office,
  • Negligent Injury while driving your vehicle for business
  • Lying to creditors about your assets
  • Making personal loan guarantees for your business
  • Contracts signed in your name instead of your DBA name

Get Umbrella Insurance Today

Call Land Home Insurance Services today for an evaluation of your creative home-based business liability risks. Let us protect you from frivolous lawsuits and excessive damage awards that can bankrupt you and leave your business in shambles.

When is it necessary to have flood insurance?

Owning a home is a dream for many people. As you are shopping for a property, it would also be wise to find an insurance plan that properly protects your asset. For some, this can mean getting a flood insurance plan.

There are various situations when flood insurance is necessary:

When Home Faces Potential Flood Risks

The primary situation when you want to have a flood plan is when your home is at risk of being damaged in a flood. If your property is located near a lake, river, or any other body of water that is prone to flooding, having the right insurance is a necessity. As home insurance offers limited coverage for flood damage, you will want to have a full flood insurance plan to offset this concern.

When Required

It is also necessary to have flood insurance when it is a requirement. There are various situations when a mortgage lender or home association will require flood insurance. If your home is deemed to be in a high-risk zone, this will likely be a requirement and obligation. Carrying this insurance will help keep you in good standing. 

There are many situations when you will want to have a flood insurance plan. Once you are ready to start looking for a new policy in this region, calling the team with Land Home Insurance Services is a good option. The professionals with Land Home Insurance Services know the value of this coverage and can help you properly assess all options. We can help you choose a plan that is ideal for your situation and home. 

Is it Time to Reconsider Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Is it time for you to reconsider your auto insurance policy?

It’s generally recommended that you shop around for auto insurance every year or so, especially because rates often change depending on a variety of factors.

At Land Home Insurance Services, we’re committed to helping you find the best way forward when it comes to auto insurance. We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding your auto insurance policy, and what options you have for changing your rates.

Auto Insurance Policy: Factors to Consider

You may want to reconsider or otherwise revisit your auto insurance policy if it has been longer than six to twelve months since you last checked in with it.

Auto policy rates can shift over time based on factors like your commute, your neighborhood, and various other data points, so it’s good to check in every so often to see if these other factors have substantially affected your policy. This also applies when something major changes in your own life, such as moving, or changing jobs.

Give Us A Call

Contact us today at Land Home Insurance Services and we’ll help guide you through the sometimes-messy world of revisiting your auto insurance policy.

We are committed to helping you find the best rates and policy for your needs. You shouldn’t be saddled with a policy that’s no longer right for you or your family. Having your auto policy up-to-date is a huge thing to take off your to-do list, and having everything in order on the policy side can give you some much-needed peace of mind.

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